Coronary Angiography
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Coronary Angiography

The process is a minimally invasive procedure that requires X-ray imaging to examine the heart's blood vessels. The test done checks whether there's any restriction in blood flow that goes to the heart or not.

Coronary angiography comes under very popular heart (cardiac) catheterizations. Along with coronary angiography, Cardiac catheterization procedures can diagnose and even cure the heart and its blood vessel. Our doctors are skilled enough to get you past the problem.

How does Coronary Angiography take place?

During coronary angiography, a dye is injected into the blood vessels through an X-ray machine. The dye is visible and poses no harm to the human body. The X-ray machine clicks images (angiograms) that scan your blood vessels. If it's necessary, our doctor will open up clogged heart arteries during coronary angiography.