AICD Implantation
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AICD Implantation

An automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (or AICD) is an electronic device similar to a pacemaker device implanted into your chest. The device monitors and fixes an abnormal heartbeat (or even arrhythmia). These devices treat even severe and life-threatening arrhythmias.

Defibrillators handle arrhythmias by stopping the abnormal rhythm using high-speed pacing (cardioversion). If it fails by any means, then the device delivers a shock that resets its rhythm (defibrillation). AICD is also capable of receiving and storing information about the heart’s electrical activity. Our cardiologist helps at identifying this information via AICD and then prescribes medications based on the problems.

How AICD implantation takes place?

The procedure usually takes about an hour or so. Our doctor will give some light sedation followed by anesthesia to help your body relax. Our cardiologist will make an incision point of about 5-8cms to interpolate the AICD. The leads wire is then guided through a vein that reaches the heart. After AICD implantation, the skin will be sewn together.

After conducting AICD implantation, the doctor will check heart rhythm followed by the blood pressure monitor. The doctor will even check it through an ECG and X-Ray.